It's no secret that I am obsessed with baking the perfect loaf of bread.

Spending a large portion of my life as a gluten-eater, I became quite accustomed to the bouncy, whole grain, artisan breads that tempt you in bakeries and grocery store shelves.

But going gluten-free hasn't entirely taken away my bread joy. With a crafty mix of the right ingredients, the right equipment, and the right technique, I've gotten pretty good at baking gluten-free bread.

And for all the experimenting, my family is no worse off.

Recently I added two breads to my gluten-free line up. You can see on the Offerings page I now make a Sammy Flatbread and a Seeded Loaf.

The Flatbread has many uses like a pizza crust or even the base of a quiche. But my absolute favourite way to use it is cut into portions, and used as a pita-style wrap. The first time I got this recipe just right I rolled up a mix of pesto-mayo, arugula, spinach and sauteed mushrooms. It was undoubtedly a taste of heaven and I'll never forget it.

The seeded bread is my most beloved loaf. It took approximately two bites before I was on the phone with my webmaster (also, my oldest daughter) saying "We have a new product to offer!" because something this delicious needs to be shared. Some gluten-free breads I see in the store are simply not healthy (white rice flour is just as bad as white wheat flour people!) but this loaf is hearty and healthy - brimming with a mix of seeds and nutritious whole grains. This one's so yummy you can just toast and butter it and you'll be ready to order more!

So while the gluten-eaters of this world may have a larger selection of breads to choose from, I do say - we need not be tempted. I have worked long and hard to make some pretty impressive gluten-free breads and we don't have to wish anymore. :)
Chistmastime is always so much fun in my house. The lights, the gifts, the music, and - yes - the red cups at Starbucks ... but another annual treat is the influx of orders for gluten free Christmas baking.

This year we will be announcing our Christmas line up in November and will begin to take pre-orders as soon as it's posted. Pick up times will be flexible to allow for those who need early orders (work parties, etc.) and those who would like to wait until closer to the 25th.

In the past some holiday favourites have been: caramel nut bars, Skor toffee bars, candy cane fudge, and Santa's thumbprint cookies. This year we'd love to add a few new items to the list. Salted caramel pretzel bark? Maple pecan brownies? Eggnog french toast?

It's less than 10 weeks away and here at Gluten Free by Rose we can't wait! I truly hope you're as excited as me and I can't wait to bake for you.
My daughter, Angela, and I have long joked about starting a Soup of the Day blog. Just as so many people eat the same breakfast every day (for us it's coffee and eggs) we also have a lunch routine. No matter what the fridge is boasting for the day - we're having soup.

Usually the process begins with one or both of us washing and chopping vegetables. Most often we'll go to chicken stock or coconut milk as our main liquid - to avoid dairy-overload which isn't kind to either of us.

Sometimes we'll leave a soup chunky with texture. Other times we'll puree it for a smooth soup.

My husband has a home office and knows if he shows up in the kitchen around 1 o'clock there's a good chance a steaming bowl of soup will be waiting. We love to accompany it with warm gluten-free biscuits, especially cheese-studded ones if my youngest daughter, Sarah, is visiting.

Our latest creation was inspired by a recipe in Fine Cooking magazine.

So today our soup of the day was Brown-butter Cauliflower with Roasted Turnips and Apples, and Toasted Pine Nuts. We used turnips that we'd gleaned from an abandoned garden.